Monday, November 28, 2011

Accent Furniture Is A Must!

When designing a room there are a few important factors. Things like size of the room and available wall space are factors that can’t be changed but creativity pretty much rules all other design aspects. A room can simply be transformed with an open mind and a keen eye for style. Of course the theme of the room has to come from the vision that the decorator has in mind. I have designed rooms both big and small in themes ranging from ultra-modern to classical depending on the owners preference. One thing that I still find key to any room’s design is the proper use of accent furniture. It doesn’t matter if you are going for a minimalist approach, accents are necessary to pull together a room. Whether it’s a chair, small table, or even a floor mirror, accents bring life to a room.
Let’s look at the different types of accent furniture in more depth with ideas of how to use them. First we have accent tables. These are generally small decorative tables that can be used in multiple spaces. I like to try and incorporate them behind floating furniture (coaches, chairs, ect. that are placed in the middle of a room without a wall behind them). I feel that most coaches are meant to be against a wall and therefore don’t have the best looking backsides. Placing a small table with some pictures, flowers, or other decorations behind them will provide a visually pleasing sight! Accent tables can also be incorporated in other areas as well such as corners of the room or any other blank walls.
Accent chairs are also another great source for bringing color and balance into a room. Furniture can end up looking to matchy-matchy and boring. Adding an accent chair can help change things up and make a room more interesting. It doesn’t necessarily need to stand out in the room, just add balance by being different. I use accent chairs in all types of rooms but make sure you don’t clutter a room with anything bulky or distracting.
In the end, I basically feel strongly about using accents to create a beautiful room. A space just isn’t complete without the use of decoration furniture. Of course decoration furniture can serve as a usable piece of furniture as well making it that much more useful. Let your creative juices flow! Check back for more design tips in the future!

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